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Winter Solstice 2016




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Tappy Witch

Enter the world of magic and be amid frightful creatures by downloading this awesome game. Tappy Witch is a dodging obstacles game which is for everyone as it has three levels, one for kids, one of adults and then a pro level for those who are willing to challenge themselves to the extreme.

Magical Night Sky Wallpaper

Experience the beautiful star lit night sky on your android devices with the 'Magical Night Sky live wallpaper'. The wallpaper captures a starry night scene from the ocean bed with a lighthouse and ships moving in the distance. Add to that the glow of the moon amidst the yawning clouds and 14 enigmatic constellations for a breathtaking view.


Love to express yourself? Enter the next level in messaging expression with Amazicons – Amazing Emoticons. Choose from over 200 HD, original and unique smileys, emojis, memes, celebrity cartoons, idioms, stickers and characters to spice up your chat!

Flappy Witch

Flappy Witch is a free game which comes with many features. It is a difficult game and to make high scores in it is nearly impossible. It is an avoidance game and a better version of the famous Flappy Bird. Use any of the five beautiful witches to fly through or jump between obstacles in this endless game.


Happiness Decoded

A guide to stop negative thining, be in the moment and stay positive.

 Happiness Decoded (HD) starts by giving a precise definition of happiness which simplifies what needs to be done to stay happy. It is built around the theory of the Eight Cs which identifies things you need to let go of and things you need to inculcate to attain a positive state of mind which is not easily disturbed. In the eight chapters dedicated to the eight Cs there are various examples to help the readers understand how a C affects their life and how they can handle it to stay in a good mood most of the times.

15 Degrees off your heart

A collection of Short stories with a twist in the tale.

In 15 degrees off… an unexpected journey awaits you, fraught with unpredictable twist endings to bemuse and bedazzle. Walk slow and travel along its untrodden roads and you are sure to stumble upon a part of yourself. Don’t they say … the greatest journeys are those that lead to discovering oneself?